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3 Key Differences Between Azure DevOps and Jira

Azure DevOps and Jira are two of the most popular Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems available in existence. While both tools have are powerful and innovative in their own right, they also have similarities in the way that they are built and that they are used. And obviously, both have a lot of differences, as well. 

In this article, we will be describing some of the key differences between Azure DevOps and Jira. We are doing this in order to give you a small idea on what these two platforms are capable of, so you can decide what tool is best to go for when creating your own projects. Let’s dive right in. 


Jira allows you to pull requests and relate commits. However, there is no easy way for you to see whether a work item is completed with each deployment. This is because traceability is not direct with Jira, and it does not provide visibility on completed groups. On the other hand, Azure DevOps provides traceability in the software development cycle. In fact, traceability is available right from the start all the way to deployment, and vice versa.  


With Jira, you can use advanced search capabilities to find issues in your code, allowing you to address these issues quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the Jira Query Language (JQL), you can easily identify and search for bugs, and gives you the ability to save your searches and receive the results via email. You can also search simply via text, whether by using a single term or whole phrase. Meanwhile, Azure DevOps does not offer anything near this level of searchability.  


While both Azure DevOps and Jira is used by organizations as tools to manage application lifecycles. However, their ideal use is different. For instance, Azure DevOps’ main goal is to foster collaborations between developers and operations teams, and it does so splendidly. Meanwhile, Jira is more suited for you if you want access to agile methodologies, with its comprehensive agile reporting which provides teams access to a multitude of reports. Also, Jira’s strength is mainly focused on issue tracking and project management, while Azure DevOps is more geared towards the entire software development cycle. 

These are only a few of the differences between Azure DevOps and Jira. There are a lot more, but unfortunately, we could not fit all of these in a short article. If you want us to talk about this topic even further, let us know and we will make more.